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By forming partnerships, we create new revenue streams for cannabis companies.

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At CMG we’re not a group that sits at desks all day – we are out in the fields, visiting facilities, and ensuring our members are delivering products to market.

WE find 

We solidify

We grow


What We Do

Cannabis Manufacturer’s Guild works with focused cannabis operators across the cannabis supply chain to bring products to market faster, introduce new business opportunities, secure manufacturing, and sales contracts and protect the interests of its Guild members to ensure the prosperity of legal cannabis operations in Canada and globally.


CMG works with genetics companies, cultivators, extractors, processors, packagers, warehousing, distributors, brands, and retailers looking to expand their cannabis business while avoiding high capital expenditures and remaining human capital light.

What We Do



Material Sourcing

Whether it's genetics, whole flower, biomass, extracts or packaging - we know who has what and how much it'll cost.

We’ll make sure pricing is consistent with market value so you don’t end up with product that you can’t move.



We've built a library of LP's production capabilities and are always in-touch with them regarding their capacities.

Whether it’s a white-label agreement, or a structured partnership – we can help find you the right team to move products downstream.



Our team of experts has launched a plethora of brands across the Cannabis and CPG space.

Whether it’s branding initiatives or NNCP forms – we can help ensure you haven’t missed a step along the way.


Channel Development

Are you launching your product in the medical market - or are you going to take your product to the recreational market?

We’ll help you navigate the ins-and-outs of product submissions, barcode nuances (etc) to help you get your product where it needs to go.



Our team assists companies pivot their licensed space into new revenue streams by finding cost reduction strategies.

With rapid changes in demand, competition and product innovation, many of the facilities built in the first wave of legalization are no longer optimal for the current environment.



CMG works with lending groups, private equity, banks, family offices, and other sources of capital still interested in the cannabis space.

CMG members benefit from a network of funding sources willing to fund expansions and specific projects that CMG is supporting already.



The Guild has a long-list of consultants who are cannabis industry veterans.

Whether it’s cultivation, automation or compliance – our team of cannabis experts have the insights to help you improve your business.


Logistical Support

Whether it's sourcing storage capacity, or shipping and receiving support, we're here to help.

We’ve  got contacts and resources who can alleviate some of the constraints in this tightly regulated supply chain.


QA Support

Having trouble navigating Health Canada's rules? Not sure if you have all the answers when applying for your next license?

We’ve been through the steps before and can help you avoid delays by navigating your business through the obstacles before they occur.

Who We Are

The CMG 

Built from a network of independent partners with a proven track record of success in the domestic and international regluated cannabis markets, CMG Members are able to engage specific industry experts where they need it most.

CMG Services
CMG Agency
CMG Trading
Rivet Transparent

WhO We Are

Cartel Cutler

This is Cartel. A cannabis aficionado, a business strategy authority and an industry veteran. Cartel’s connection to cannabis started long before the days of adult-use legalization in Canada. An early trail-blazer and advocate in the medical space, his passion drove him to co-found a group of medical cannabis specialty clinics, assisting to make cannabinoid-based medicine accessible to the masses. Combined with his experience consulting to mid- and large-sized licensed producers, there isn’t a problem you can throw at Cartel that he hasn’t seen (or solved!) in the cannabis space. 

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James Site.png

James Williams

This is James. A corporate finance expert, a business development specialist and cannabis entrepreneur extraordinaire. Originating on Bay Street, James began his career in investment banking - working with Barclays Securities and UBS Investment Bank, eventually moving on to Laurentian Bank to specialize in cannabis securities. Prior to co-founding the Cannabis Manufacturer’s Guild, James worked as the Director of Capital Markets and Business Development at WeedMD where he experienced firsthand the need for a cannabis collective that brought together the various subsets of the industry. 

Lenny Site.png

Lenny Kerman
Business Development

This is Lenny.  An educated sales trainer, an expert in business development, and a capital markets guru.  Starting his professional life at TD Waterhouse, Lenny spent the first half of his career as a financial services executive, managing portfolios and assisting clients with retirement planning.  His shift into the cannabis industry took him to Theacann International where he served as their Director of Capital Markets before moving on to a Director of Stakeholder Management role for Great Northern Brands. His experience within the international cannabis markets has allowed him to build both the knowledge and network that has served as the foundation of his continued success in the cannabis space.

Frequently Asked Questions




With so many opportunities and so much noise, our primary job is to help you navigate and focus on the most

profitable strategies for revenue and profits.

As outside business development support, we have the experience and the connections to negotiate on your behalf, push your interests collectively, and advertise/market on your behalf as a trusted and vetted member of the Cannabis Manufacturer’s Guild. It’s also significantly cheaper than staffing your own army to do battle in this rapidly changing industry.



How do companies join the cannabis manufacturers guild?

It all starts with an introduction. Our Partners deep dive into your company’s key competencies, main challenges and your view for the future.  After signing an MNDA, our team visits all facilities to ensure our future members can deliver our customers’ needs. The CMG team will then evaluate your company’s fit amongst the other Guild Members to see where you fit in the supply chain.

Once Guild membership fees are paid, CMG begins making introductions to future customers and starts regular dialogue with your senior team members to discuss new business opportunities, how the markets are shifting and finding solutions to your problems.



How does CMG Get compensated?

Outside of the nominal membership fees, we don’t get paid until you get paid. Our compensation structure is based on completed transactions between parties, with the seller agreeing to a royalty or one time fee for delivery of a successful win.

Given we are not simply brokers moving biomass between LPs, we can offer a multitude of business solutions to ensure that CMG never gets in the way of a deal. We are a solutions company first and foremost. Let us get your products, brands, strategies or companies to market without paying first and hoping it all works out.



Get in touch with us today to learn about the perks of Guild Membership and how we can help your business grow.

We will be in touch soon!

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